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Monday 24 April 2017

Tori Amos in Carré

The American singer songwriter Tori Amos comes to Carré on September 13 as part of an extensive European tour. The tour is all about her new album 'Native Invader', which will appear on September 8th.

In 2014, Tori last hit our country. The new album 'Native Invader' is Tori's 15th studio album and follows 'Unrepentant Geraldines' from 2014. This album gave Amos her eighth Billboard Top 10 listing.

About the new album, Tori says: "The songs on 'Native Invader' are being pushed by the Muses to find different ways of facing unforeseen challenges and in some cases dangerous conflicts. The record looks to Nature and how, through resilience, she heals herself. The songs also struggle with the question: What is our part in the destruction of our country, as well as ourselves, and in our relationships with each other? "

Tori continues: "In life there can be the shock of unexpected fires, floods, earthquakes, or any cataclysmic ravager - both on the inside and outside of our minds. Sonically and visually, I wanted to look at how Nature creates with her opposing forces, becoming the ultimate regenerator through her cycles of death and re-birth. Time and time again she is able to renew, can we find this renewal for ourselves? "

With her conventional way of writing, Tori continually challenges herself to shift her musical boundaries. The subjects that are exposed to her in her songs are also well-known to her fans around the world. On 'Native Invader' she goes deeper into her personal experiences.

As a pioneer on different platforms, Tori was the first major label artist to offer a single as a download. Her most recent work is 'Flicker', the title song of the well-known Netflix documentary 'Audrie and Daisy' about rape in secondary schools. Tori is co-founder of the largest American organization against sexual abuse RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network).

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