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Tuesday 2 till Thursday 11 July 2019

  • Circa - Humans © Pedro Greig
  • FLIP Fabrique - Blizzard © Stéphane Bourgeois
  • Gravity & Other Myths - Backbone
  • Cirque Éloize - Hotel

This summer Carré is all about Carré Cirque. This series of spectacular theatre shows, comprises of the most incredible International Nouveau Cirque productions. From the 2nd till the 11th of July Cirque Éloize, Gravity & Other Myths, Circa and FLIP Fabrique will perform matinee shows as well as evening performances. The shows are characterized by their unique and energetic style of mind-blowing acrobatics, that test the limits of the human body and even surpass them. The performers communicate through explosive body language that will bring audiences of all ages to the edge of their seat. 

This young and new movement of performance art originates from traditional circus acts. A new generation of performers, growing up in cities with hip-hop, and breakdance around them, bring a new urban perspective to traditional circus. Generally, the acts are part of an overall theme, supported by music and light arrangements and often also additional forms of performance art varying from classical dance to beatboxing. In France, the United Kingdom, United States and Australia, this new movement is already more established and well-known. Carré wants to bring this to the Netherlands and offer the Dutch audience the opportunity to get acquainted with these ground-breaking acts.  

For more information go to: carrecirque.nl 

Tuesday 2 July

Hotel - Cirque Éloize 19:30
Wednesday 3 July Hotel - Cirque Éloize 19:30
Thursday 4 July Hotel - Cirque Éloize 19:30
Friday 5 July Blizzard - Flip Fabrique 19:30
Saturday 6 July Blizzard - Flip Fabrique 16:00
  Backbone - Gravity & Other Myths 19:30
Sunday 7 July Blizzard - Flip Fabrique 13:30
  Backbone - Gravity & Other Myths 16:00
Monday 8 July Backbone - Gravity & Other Myths 19:30
Tuesday 9 July Humans - Circa 
Ga voor meer informatie naar carrecirque.nl
Wednesday 10 July Humans - Circa  19:30
Thursday 11 July Humans - Circa 19:30



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